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The CBSE scheme of studies offers a plethora of combinations for a student to opt from here and some of the undergraduate courses available for CBSE passoutso opt from.

Here are some of the undergraduate courses available for CBSE pass outs.
Actuarial Science
BA (PASS) University of Delhi 10+2 3 years
BA (Vocational) University of Delhi 10+2 3 years
Insurance & Eco. & and Eco.
& Commerce
Vocational Course in The College of Vocational 10+2 3 years
Insurance Studies, New Delhi
B.Sc.(with Acturial Actuarial Goa University 10+2 3 years
Science as a subject a sub. In University of Mumbai
an approved combi-
BA in Actuarial Sci. Kurukshetra, University, 10+2 3 years
Advertising-Art Courses
Fine Arts/Applied College of Art Art, New Delhi
Arts College of Art, Chandigarh
College of Arts & Crafts,Lucknow 10+2, Admission test 4 years
Govt. College of Arts & Crafts,
Diploma course in Kala Bhavan, Viswa Bharati, 10+2 with aptitude 5 years
Graphic Art & Design West Bengal test
Archaeology and Art Restoration
BA(Archival Science)              University of Ajmer
BA Archaeology MS University of Baroda, Gujarat 10+2 3 years
Bangalore University, Bangalore      --
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Univ.      --
B.Arch College of Fine Arts and Arch. CET and aptitutde 5 years
Hyderabad test 10+2 with PCM
Bihar College of Engineering CET for 50% seats
Chandigarh College of Arch. PCM and English with
a min. of 55% in aggr.
College of Engineering, Goa 10+2, min. 45% aggr.
D.C.Patel School of Arch., rch. 10+2 with Science
PDA College of Engineering CET and 50% PCM 4 years
Jagadguru Malikarjuna Murug-
harajendra Institute of Technology
Manipal Inst. Of Technology, 10+2 with 50% marks 5 years
Karnataka in PCM, Interview
University Visvesvaraya, 10+2 with PCM(min.
Karnataka 50% CET
Govt. Engineering College,M.P.
B.K.P.S. College of Arch. 10+2 with PCM(min.50%)
Maharashtra Entrance Test
College of Fine Arts and Architecture 10+2 PCM
School of Planning and Architecture 60% in 10+2 PCME
New Delhi
B.Sc.Agriculture AP Agricultural Univ., Agricultural AP 10+2 with Phy. Sc.,Bio.
Sc. Or Natural Sci. or
Agri. EAMCET entrance
Assam Agriculture Univ., College of iv. 50% in 10+2 PCMB or
Equiv. Entrance exam. rance exam.
Gujarat Agriculture Univ. 55% in 10+2 equiv. In
Sc. With Engg. Entrance
Haryana Agriculture University 10+2 with Sc. Engg. Sci. and Eng.
exam. And interview
Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth College of 12th or equiv. PCB 4 years
Agriculture, Maharashtra Maharashtra
B.Sc. In Agriculture and Indian Council of Agricultural 10+2 with Science
Allied Sciences Research, New Delhi
B.Sc. Horticulture College of agriculture AP
Deptt. of Horticulture Maharashtra
College of Agriculture, Faculty of Maharashtra
B.Sc. Sri Venkateshwara Univ., AP
Guwahati University
University of Delhi
Kurukshetra University 10+2 3 years
Vidya Sagar Univ.,  
West Bengal
B.Sc.Fisheries eries College of Fisheries Bihar 10+2 Sc. 4 years
B.F.Sc. College of Fisheries, Kerala
B.Sc. In Aquarial Science University of Mumbai 10+2 Sc. 3 years
Short term certificate Marathwada University 10+2 1 year
course Maharashtra
BA(Bank Manage- Bharathidasan Univ. 10+2 3 years
ment T.N.
Business Management
BBA Garhwal University
Guru Ghasidas University sity, M.P. 10+2 3 years
Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, U.P.
Degree course in BBS Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi 10+2, 50% marks
BBS College of Business Studies, Delhi 10+2 min. 60% marks
B.Sc. Kakatiya University AP 3 years
Patna University
B.Tech. All India Institute of Medical Sciences 10+2 PCB 4 Years
B.Sc. Microbiology University of Delhi 3 years
Punjab University
Guru Nanak Dev University
Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya,U.P.
Certificate in guidance IGNOU 10+2 6 months
BDS/MBBS All State Dental Colleges and 10+2 with PCBE 4 years +
Hospitals 1 year resi
Designing National Inst. Of Design, 10+2 entrance test 5 years
Diploma Course in ,, 10+2 2 years
Industrial and
Communication design
Undergraduate course National Inst. Of Fashion Tech. 3 years
in Accessory design New Delhi
Diploma course in South Delhi Pol for Women, N.D. 1-2 years
Furniture & Jewellery
Diploma in Art & book Shankar's Academy of Art and 2 years
Illustration and Book Publishing, New Delhi
Fashion Design Courses
Diploma course in National Institute of Design 10+2      --
apparel merchandising Ahmedabad
Diploma in Fashion South Delhi Pol Technic, N.D. 10+2 written test 2 years
designing National Institute of Fashion 1 year
Design, N.Delhi
Film, TV & Radio
Training for news readers news- Film & Tele. Institute of India 10+2 short tern
readers in English Pune (FTII)
IIMC, New Delhi
Cert. In Financial Gujarat University 10+2 6 months
Diploma in Cost and University of Jodhpur 10+2 3 years
Works Accountancy
Fine Art and Commercial Art
Diploma in Drawing and Drawing, Govt. College of Fine Arts and Xth/Higher Secondary 4-5 years
Painting, Modeling and  Architecture, Hyderabad
BFA Jawaharlal Nehru University 10+2 3 years
Delhi College of Art XIIth & entrance exam 4 years
University of Bombay 2 years
Diploma in Commercial Central School of Art and Crafts, A.P. Xth/Higher Secondary 4-5years
Art Sophia Polytechnic for Women 10+2 4 years
BA (Hons) in Art & Art Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi 10+2 3 years
Hotel Management
Diploma in Hotel All State Institutes of Hotel Manag- 10+2 with 50% in any 3 years
Management ment discipline
Degree course in Lalit Narayan Mithila University, 10+2 3 years
Darbhanga, Bihar
Journalism Bangalore University
Bombay University
Marathwada university
BA.LLB State Universities 10+2 5 years
Printing and Publishing
Vocational Course in College of Vocational Studies 10+2 3 Years
Book Publishing New Delhi
Course in Book Publishing Delhi University   Delhi University
Editing, Introduction and
Integrated degree course Jiwaji University, M.P. 10+2 3 years
in Photography University of Pune
Social Work
BSW/BA Universities of Andhra, Osmania, 10+2 3 years
Baroda etc.
Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi
Bachelor of Physical Lakshmibai National College of !0+2/HSC 3 years
Education Physical Education ducation, Gwalior
Diploma course in SAI-NSNIS, Gujarat 10+2/HSC 2 years
cricket, handball, hockey
kabaddi/kho-kho &
courses in athletics, SAI-NSNIS, Calcutta ,, 1 year
basketball, volleyball,
judo, football, hockey
Diploma courses for train- ,, ,, ,,
ing of coaches
Diploma in Pre School M.S. University of Baroda 10+2 1 year
Early childhood education Osmania University, Hyderabad
SNDT Women's Univ., Mumbai
BA B.Ed/Ba(Hons),B.Ed. 10+2 4 years
B.Sc., B.Ed. Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya, M.P.
B.Sc.(Hons.), B.Ed.
B.Com., B.Ed.
Garment Manufacturing Technology
NIFT 10+2 with Maths 4 years
There are many other interesting courses you can join:
Visual Art
Computer Graphics
Diploma in export Management
Certificate in Library Science
Travel & Tourism
Computer Applications
Beauty and Hair Care
Art Restoration
Civil Aviation
Flight Pursur/Air Hostess
Special Class Railway Apprentices
Diploma in PR
Chartered Accountants Foundation
Cost and Works Accountants Foundation
Diploma course in Secretarial Practice
Information Source ; The Penguin India Career Guide
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