No; D(A)/PA/ IE/02                                                                15th January, 2002 


All Heads of Institutions affiliated to CBSE 

Dear Principal, 

                        Sub: Book on “POOR SCHOOL PERFORMANCE” – Reg 

One of the major issues related to the poor performance of students in schools is slow learning caused by dyslexia and other co-morbid disabilities. Many schools and teachers do not have the necessary inputs either to understand the pattern of performance arising out of such disabilities or to facilitate the learners to successfully manage the difficulties consequent to the above. The schools need to provide support mechanisms to the learners so that they are empowered enough and feel confident. Efforts have to be made to integrate them with the mainstream of the learners. This calls for curricular and family initiatives, apart from clinical support, wherever necessary. 

As a part of its ongoing exercise to facilitate the schools to meet such challenges, the Board has brought out a publication “POOR SCHOOL PERFORMANCE” authored by Dr. PHILIP JOHN, a clinical Psychiatrist supported by his team. The book covers a wide-ranging issues in the matter with suggestions to handle some of the challenges. The book has been moderately priced @ Rs. 20/- to facilitate all the affiliated schools to buy and use the material, 

It is hoped that the schools will take benefit of the same and take appropriate initiatives in this direction.

Yours faithfully