01/10 New Year Greetings and Important Issues
02/10 Educational Campaign to preserve and protect heritage monuments in the country
04/10 NCERT's new publications in Science and Mathematics ?Laboratory Manuals and Exemplar Problems?
05/10 Updated/revised syllabus for classes XI & XII in Telugu Language from the academic year 2010-2011 onwards ? reg.
06/10 Conduct of Class-IX March 2010 Examination under Summative Assessment-II  | Hindi Version
01/10a Providing Data for 8th All India School Education Survey (AISES)
07/10 Study of effectiveness of use of computers and internet on learning Mathematics at Higher Secondary stage ? a pilot study by NCERT
08/10 Communicative English Revised Textbooks for class IX session 2010-2011
11/10 Conduct of Class IX March 2010 Examination under Summative Assessment-II
11(A)/10 Class IX Summative Assessment II - Eligibility for Improvement
12/10 Bifurcated syllabi in main subjects at Secondary level for Term I (1st April 2010- 30th September 2010) and Term II (1st October 2010-31st March 2011)
13/10 Physical Education Program in Primary Schools. (Ref. Circular No. 57 dated 20/11/2009)
14/10 Physical Education Teachers Orientation Program - June 2010.
15/10 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for dealing with any terrorist attack on schools - reg.
16/10 Updated syllabus in Additional Languages and Subjects for the academic year 2010-11 for classes IX & X reg.
17/10 Heritage India Quiz - 2010-11
18/10 Introducing new Senior Secondary School Curriculum Vol. III - 2012 for Music & Dance
19/10 Organisation of CBSE Science Exhibition 2010
20/10 Updated termwise syllabi in FIT and Home Science at Secondary level
21/10 Revised Syllabus in Heritage Crafts (Code: 070) and Graphic Design (Code 071) of class XII effective from the Academic Session 2010-2011) and the Board Examination 2011
23/10 Bifurcated syllabi in additional subjects under Section C Commerce at Class X for the academic session 2010-2011
24/10 Admission of CBSE students in Class XI for academic year 2010-11 after Introduction of Grading at Secondary School level by the Board
25/10 Training Programme on ?Strategic Management & Leadership for Heads of Institutes of Private Independent Schools Affiliated with the Board? at IIM Ahmedabad
26/10 Introduction of new languages 1. Tangkhul 2. Bodo in CBSE Curriculum reg.
27/10 Updated syllabus in Nepali language for classes X & XII for the academic year 2010-11, Regarding
28/10 Training Programme on ?Leading for Assessment? conducted by International Confederation of Principals, Victoria, Australia
29/10 Monitoring and Mentoring of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) implemented by the Central Board of Secondary Education
30/10 5th Training Programme on ?Strategic Management & Leadership for Heads of Institutes of Private Independent Schools affiliated with the Board? at IIM, Lucknow
31/10 E-Learning Material in Psychology for Class XII
32/10 Conduct of CBSE Group Mathematics Olympiad, 2010  |  Folder 1  |  Folder 2
34/10 Training Programme on ?Strategic Management & Leadership for Principals of CBSE affiliated schools at MDI Gurgaon
35/10 IGNITE 2010: A Nation wide Campaign to harness the creative and innovative spirit of school children by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
36/10 Strengthening Formative Assessment in Affiliated Schools under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
37/10 INDIPEX - 2011 World Philatelic Exhibition- reg
38/10 Observation of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on 26th June, 2010
41/10 Management Development Programmes at IIM-Kozhikode
42/10 Observance of "Clean Delhi Day" on 12th September, 2010
43/10 Conduct of Classes IX and X Examination under Summative Assessment-I to be held in September, 2010
44/10 Clarifications about ongoing Examination Reforms for the Session 2010-2011
45/10 Shoobh Arts Competition reg.
46/10 11th Management Development Programme for Principals, at NUEPA, New Delhi from November 29 to 3rd December, 2010
47/10 Donate a Book Initiative
48/10 Modifications in the scheme of studies of Financial Market Management (FMM) and Amendments - Regarding.
49/10 Painting competition on Energy Conservation 2010 - Organised by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, and Government of India
50/10 Promoting Indian Cultural Heritage through Classical Music and Dance
51/10 National Informatics Olympiad 2010-11 - First Stage Examination
52/10 Strategic Leadership Program for the Principals of CBSE affiliated schools at ETMA, Gurgaon
53/10 Ban the "(Retard) R" Word for Challenged persons
55/10 Training Programme on ‘Strategic Management & Leadership for Principals of CBSE affiliated schools at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Kolkata
56/10 Conduct of Optional Proficiency Test for Class-X
57/10 ICT in School Education
58/10 Concerns of Parents and Students on implementation of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation - Formative and Summative Assessments.
59/10 Teachers' Manual on CCE Classes VI-VIII
60/10 Commonwealth in Education Programme for 2010
61/10 Observation of "Year of the Gram Sabha for empowered people and accountable Panchayat" from 2.10.2009 to 2.10.2010, regarding
62/10 Aptitude and Interest Assessment with the First Ever CBSE Students Global Aptitude Index : Enrolment For The Programme
63/10 Strategic Leadership Program for the Principals of CBSE affiliated schools at IIM-Bangalore (Revised)
64/10 Organisation of 18th All India Essay Competition on (a) Road Safety and (b) 13th All India Essay Competition on Vehicular Pollution by CBSE in collaboration with Ministry of Shipping Road Transport and Highways Govt. of India in English, Hindi and all the Indian languages included in the 8th schedule of the Constituion of India
65/10 Change in the Accountancy syllabus of Class XII for the Board Examination 2011
66/10 Observance of the Communal Harmony Campaign and the Flag Day from 19th - 25th November 2010 reg
68/10 Changes in the Design of the Question Papers - Classes IX & X SA II in English Communicative and Language & Literature
69/10 Teachers? National Conference in Delhi
70/10 CBSE new publication on Engineering Graphics - reg.
71/10 Physical Education & Sports in Schools - reg.
72/10 Discontinue the use of rare /endangered wild animals in laboratories of schools
73/10 Corrections in the Syllabus, Marking Schemes and Circular No. 68 with regard to English - Communicative and English - Language & Literature (Classes IX & X).
74/10 A Short Story and Painting Competition
5a/10 Submission of School-wise Data for District Information System of Education (DISE) for the year 2010-11   |   Format
75/10 17th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes 2010 to be held from 19th - 21st December, 2010 at Bangalore
76/10 Submission of List of Candidates (LOC) for Class-X Proficiency Test and payment of Fee
77/10 40th UPU Letter Writing Competition 2011
78/10 Celebration of National Consumer Day on 24th December 2010
80/10 Updated syllabus and Exam Structure Term wise (II term) in additional languages/subjects for classes IX & X for the academic year 2010-11
81/10 Students Global Aptitude Index Assessment 2011 - Change of Date
83/10 International Conference 2011 on "Development in Assessment: Scope of Assessment in Teaching and Learning"

- Campaign for Controlling Dengue
- Payment through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) - Delhi Region Only
- Payment through Society for Worldwide International Financial Transfer (SWIFT)
- Amendment/Addition to the Guidelines to the Centre Superintendents/Spot Evaluation and Observation Schedule for Senior School Certificate (Class XII) and Secondary School (Class X) Examinations 2010
- COLLABCAD Software For Engineering Graphics - Ready For Download
- Public Notice : Advisory Regarding CBSE Scholarship Scheme
- Change in Registration Fee Structure
- In Service Training Programme In Japanese Language For Teachers Teaching In Classes IX & X
- Campaign for controlling Dengue
- Vigilance Awareness Week
- Amendment/Addition in Examination Bye-laws (30-Aug-2010)   Hindi | English
- Alternate Question for Visually Challanged at Sr. Secondary Level
- Development of Website by each School
- School Building Safety and Medical Crisis Management