5.1 The Board shall conduct the following examinations every year ordinarily commencing from the period indicated against each:

(i) All India/Delhi Senior First week of March

School Certificate Examination
(Class XII)

(ii) All India/Delhi Secondary School First week of March Examination

(Class X)

(iii) All India/Delhi Senior School Last week of July/
Certificate Examination (Comptt) Ist Week of August

(Class XII)

(iv) All India /Delhi Secondary Last week of July/
School Examination (Comptt.) Ist Week of August

(Class X)

(v) All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Last Sunday of April Entrance Examination

(vi) All India Engineering / Pharmacy/ 2nd Sunday of May Architecture Entrance Examination

(vii) Such other Examinations as the Board may decide or may be asked to conduct from time to time.

5.2 The period of commencement of the examinations indicated in bye-law 5.1 is only suggestive.
The examinations will actually be held on such dates and such time at such centres as may be
determined by the Chairman every year.