28. Mode of Submission of Applications for Regular Students

(i) A student shall have his application form prescribed by the Board forwarded through the Head of the School to which he belongs.

(ii) The application form (combined list of candidates) complete in all respects and with certificates by the Head of the School provided elsewhere shall be sent to the concerned Regional Officer.

(iii) The application form should reach the Regional Officer concerned within the date prescribed.

(iv) The application form shall be accompanied with the prescribed fee (Vide Annexure II).

(v) The form may also be accepted with additional Late Fee as per the prescribed norms.

29. Payment of Fees

(i) A candidate shall pay fees as prescribed by the Board from time to time (Annexure II).

(ii) Prescribed fee of candidates of affiliated schools shall be deposited by the candidates in the School and shall be remitted collectively by the Head of the school to the Board.

(iii) Schools and private candidates from outside Delhi shall remit the amount by Bank Draft (crossed: Payees' account only) drawn in favour of the Secretary,Central Board of Secondary Education, payable on any scheduled bank at the place of the respective Regional Offices. Local schools (i.e. schools located at Delhi) and private candidates shall deposit their fees in the manner that may be prescribed from time to time.

(iv) Other fees shall be paid in cash in the respective Board's regional office and printed receipt for the same shall be obtained. Fee can also be remitted by a Bank Draft (crossed account payee) drawn in favour of the Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education on any scheduled Bank at the place of the respective Regional Office. The amount of fee remitted by Money Order, shall not be accepted unless full particulars in regard to the name, roll no. and other particulars of the candidate for whom the fee is being sent and the name of the examination for which the fee is being remitted are given.

Fee should be deposited or remitted in the name of the candidate only and not in the name of the parent or guardian.

30.   Holding over of Fees

A candidate who fails to pass the examination or is unable to present himself at the whole or part of the examination shall not be entitled to holding over or refund of fee, provided that the Controller of Examinations on an application from a candidate who absented himself from
the whole of the examination may hold over the Examination fee paid by him for next examination after satisfying himself that the candidate was prevented from taking the examination on account of his illness or other sufficient cause. This will be subject to his producing within 15 days of commencement of the examination, in the case of illness, a medical certificate showing that his absence from the examination was due to his illness and in other cases a satisfactory documentary evidence proving that his absence was due to circumstances beyond his control giving full particulars of the same to the satisfaction of the Chairman whose decision shall be final. Fees once held over under this byelaw for the next examination may continue to be held over under similar circumstances for the year following the next, but in no case for more than two consecutive years. Fees once held over under the above byelaw shall in no case be refunded.

31. Refund of Fee

(i) The Board may refund, on application, the examination fee of a candidate who may be declared ineligible to appear at the examination by the authorities concerned or whose admission is disallowed on account of shortage of the required percentage of attendances, provided such an application is received in the office of the regional office within three months of the date of the commencement of the examination. The fee of a candidate, whose form of application has been rejected on account of the candidate's producing a false certificate making a false statement in the application, shall in no case be refunded.

(ii) The fee of a candidate who dies before the commencement of the examination may be refunded by the Regional Officer in full, provided that the application for the same is made within three months after the date of commencement of the examination. In the case of a regular candidate, the refund will be made to the parent or guardian of the candidate through the Head of the school. In the case of a private candidate, the refund will be made to the parent or guardian mentioned in the form of application for the examination.

(iii) Amount paid in excess of the fee prescribed may be refunded by the Regional Officer to the School/candidate concerned provided an application for refund is received in the Board's office within three months from the date of payment. A deduction on account of incidental charges as decided by the Chairman from time to time subject to a minimum of Rs. 10/- in each case may be made while refunding the amount in such cases.