Regular Candidates


For the purposes of the Byelaws contained in this chapter and chapter 5 unless there is something
repugnant in the subject or context, a "Regular Candidate" means a student enrolled in a school,
who has prosecuted a regular course of study in a school and seeks admission as such to the All
India/Delhi Senior School Certificate/Secondary School Examination of the Board.


A Candidate whose name is struck off the rolls of the School after submission of his name/application

for admission to the examination to the Board, shall cease to be a regular candidate and as such
wil not be eligible for admission to or appearing at the examination.

Admission to Examinations: Regular Candidates

All India/Delhi Senior School Certificate Examination and Secondary School Examination will be
open to such regular candidates who have submitted his duly completed application for admission
to the concerning examination, and/or his name in the manner prescribed by the Board, along with
the prescribed fee (vide Annexure II), forwarded to the Controller of Examinations by the Head of
the Institution/School with the following duly certified by such head :

(i) that he possesses the academic qualifications laid down in byelaw 11 of these Byelaws;

(ii) that he has not passed equivalent or higher examination of any other Board or University;

(iii) that he is on the active rolls of the School;

(iv) that he has completed a "regular course of study", as defined and detailed in byelaw 13 of
these Byelaws, in a school in the subjects in which he would appear in the examination;

(v) that he bears a good moral character and is of good conduct; and

(vi) that he satisfies all other provisions, applicable to him/her, of the Examination Byelaws and
any other provision made by the Board governing admission to the examination concerned, if

*12.1 (i) It is mandatory upon a school affiliated to Board to follow the Examination Bye Laws of the
Board in toto.

(ii) No affiliated school shall endeavour to present the candidates who are not on its roll nor will it
present the candidates of its un-affiliated branch/schools to any of the Board's examinations.

(iii) If the Board has reasons to believe that an affiliated school is not following the sub-section
1 and 2 of this section, the Board will resort to penalties as deemed fit.

13. A Regular Course of Study

13.1** (i) The expression "a regular course of study" referred to in these Bye-Laws means at least 75%
of attendance in the Classes held; counted from the day of commencing teaching of
Classes X/XII upto the 1st of the month preceding .the month in which the examination of
the Board commences. Candidates taking up a subject(s) involving practicals shall also be
required to have put in at least 75% of the total attendance for practical work in the subject
in the laboratory. Heads of Institutions shall not allow a candidate who has offered subject(s)
involving practicals to take the practical examination(s) unless the candidate fulfils the
attendance requirements as given in this Rule.

(ii) The candidates who had failed in the same examination in the preceding year and who rejoins
Classes X/XII shall be required to put in 75% of attendance calculated on the possible
attendance from the 1st of the month following the publication of the results of that examination
by the Board upto the 1st of the month preceding the month in which the examination of
the Board commences.

(iii) In the case of migration from other institutions, attendance at the institution/school recognised
by the Education Department of the State/Union Territory from which the candidate migrates
will be taken into account in calculating the required percentage of attendance.

13.2   Requirement of Attendances in Subjects of Internal Assessment

(i) No student from a School affiliated to the Board shall be eligible to take the examination
unless he has completed 75% of attendances counted from the opening of class X/XII upto
the first of the month preceding the month in which the examination commences in the subjects
of internal assessment.

(ii) Exemption from W.E./Art Education/P&HE may be granted to a candidate on medical grounds
provided the application is supported by a certificate given by a Registered Medical
Officer of the rank not below that of Asstt. Surgeon and forwarded by the Head of the School
with his recommendations.

(iii) The Chairman shall have powers to condone shortage of attendances in subjects of internal

14. Rules for Condonation of Shortage of Attendances

*(i) If a candidate's attendance falls short of the prescribed percentage, the Head of the School
may submit his name to the Board provisionally. If the candidate is still short of the required
percentage of attendance within three weeks of the commencement of the examination,
the Head of the Institution shall report the case to the Regional Officer concerned immediately.
If in the opinion of the Head of the Institution, the candidate deserves special consideration,
he may submit his recommendation to the Regional Officer concerned not later than three
weeks before the commencement of the examination for condonation of shortage in
attendances by the Chairman, CBSE, who may issue orders as he may deem proper. The
Head of the School in his letter requesting for condonation of shortage in attendance, should
give the maximum possible attendance by a student counted from the day of commencing
teaching of Classes X/XII (beginning of the session) upto the 1st of the month preceding the
month in which the examination of the Board commences, attendance by the candidate in
question during the aforesaid period and the percentage of attendance by such a candidate
during the aforesaid period.

**(ii) Shortage up to 15% only may be condoned by the Chairman. Cases of candidates with
attendance below 60% in class X or class XII, as the case may be, shall be considered for
condonation of shortage of attendance by the Chairman only in exceptional circumstances
created on medical grounds, such as candidate suffering from serious diseases like cancer,
AIDS, TB or similar serious diseases requiring long period of hospitalization.

(iii) The Principal shall refer a case of shortage within the above prescribed limit of condonation
to the Board, either with the recommendations or with valid reasons for not recommending
the case.

(iv) The following may be considered valid reasons for recommending the cases of the candidates
with attendance less than the prescribed percentage:

(a) prolonged illness;

(b) loss of father/mother or some other such incident leading to his absence from the school
and meriting special consideration; and

(c) any other reason of similar serious nature.

(d) Authorised participation in sponsored tournaments and sports meets of not less
than inter-school level and at NCC/NSS camps including the days of journeys for such
participation shall be counted as full attendance.

*15. Detaining of eligible Candidates

In no case the Heads of affiliated schools shall detain eligible candidates from appearing at the