70 General Conditions

(i) Subject to the provision of these byelaws, the Board shall award from time to time scholarships, funded out of various endowments, on the basis of the results of the Secondary Examination conducted by it.

(ii) The award of scholarships commenced from 1989 examinations.

*(iii) The number of scholarships to be awarded each year shall be five for Secondary School Examination.

(iv) Value of each scholarship shall be as Rs 60/- per month tenable for 24 months.

(v) If a scholarship holder ceases to be eligible for the scholarship, it shall lapse to the Board.

(vi) The decision of the Chairman shall be final in all matters pertaining to the award of scholarship.

70.1 Selection Procedure

(i) Students will be ranked according to the number of Merit Certificates in different subjects i.e. first those getting merit certificates in 5 subjects, then in 4 subjects and so on.

(ii) In case of students getting the same number of Merit Certificates, they will be ranked on the basis of their grades in all the subjects of the external examination.

(iii) In case of ties in grades the decision will be taken on the basis of the aggregate of numerical scores.

(iv) In case of ties in the aggregate, the candidates getting higher marks separately in Mathematics and in Science & Technology in that order, will be entitled for the scholarship.

70.2 Eligibility

An awardee shall be eligible for the scholarship on his:

(a) joining a recognised school, college or other teaching institution in India for prosecuting higher studies;

(b) maintaining good conduct and satisfactory progress in studies certified by the Head of Institution;

(c) continuing to be on the rolls of the institution; and

(d) not receiving any other scholarship.

Note : He will cease to be awarded a scholarship if he fails in an examination during the course of
such Higher studies.

70.3 Mode of Payment

(i) The payment of scholarship shall not be made direct to the awardee. It will be paid through the Head of the Institution concerned on submission of a bill on the prescribed proforma duly signed by the awardee and countersigned by the Head of the Institution.

(ii) The payment of scholarship shall not be made for less than one quarter at a time.

70.4   Tenure

The Scholarship will be tenable for a period not exceeding two years after the Secondary School Examination, which was the basis for award of scholarship to the awardee.