Frequently asked Questions


How I can apply for scholarship

    CBSE awards scholarship under various schemes. Details of these along with eligibility are available in Guidelines and Application form page. Applicant 

    should ensure that he/she submits the application duly completed  in all respect before the last date.


What are the reasons of rejection of application?

    The rejection may be due to Application  not in proper format and non enclosure of relevant documents.


What is the definition of SGC (Single Girl Child) applicant?

    Single Girl child means a girl who is the only child of their parents and there is no brother or sisters.


I am single Girl in the family. I have one brother. Can I apply for scholarship under Single Girl Child Scheme?

    No, As per definition of Single Girl Children you will not be considered for scholarship under the scheme as single Girl child are those girl children whose

    parents have only one girl child and there is no other siblings. 


I have received a cheque which has date expiring today only. How can I get a valid cheque?

    Normally CBSE sends cheque through partner banks by post and chances of delay are not there. However in such a case you may send the cheque to

    CBSE scholarship branch for getting a valid cheque.


Whether i will require to apply for renewal of scholarship again?

    Yes, you have to apply for renewal separately.