How to lodge a Complaint



Complaint from public, various administrative authorities, NGOs etc. are generally one of the important sources of information for identification of vigilance related issues. Complaints to the Board are thus meant to result in punitive action against the erring public servant(s). Relief as such in the matter to the complaint is only incidental to the vigilance action. Redressal of grievances vis-à-vis Government organizations or public sector enterprises should not be the focus of complaints.


Complaint can be lodged only against officials belonging to the Central Board of Secondary Education.


For complaint against the employees of KVS, NVS, Govt Schools complaints should be sent to the CVO’s of the respective organizations.


For any complaint against the Private independent schools affiliated with the Board complaint should be sent to Joint Secretary (Affiliation), CBSE, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110092.



The complainant should note:


The Board does not entertain anonymous/pseudonymous complaints.( As per CVC guidelines)


Whenever the complainant for valid reasons requests that his identity be withheld while processing the complaint, this will be ensured by the



Complaints must be brief and contain factual details, verifiable facts and related matters. They should not be vague or contain sweeping

general allegations.


Complaint should be addressed directly to the Chief Vigilance Officer of the Board.


Only those complaints which are against officials of the CBSE and within the jurisdiction of the Board and have allegations of

corruption will be got investigated by the Vigilance unit of the Board.


Other complaints will either be filed or will be referred to the concerned branch/office for necessary action.


Board will not entertain any further correspondence in the matter of complaints, but will ensure that the complaints are investigated and action taken to its logical conclusion.





Q.1 How can we lodge complaint to Chief Vigilance Officer of the CBSE?

Ans. Complaints can be lodged to CBSE by addressing the letter directly to the CVO, CBSE and giving the specific facts of the matter relating to corruption. The complaints can also be lodged directly by sending an email. However, before lodging the complaint please ensure that the organisation and officials are under CBSE’s jurisdiction.


Q.2 Does CBSE receive complaint against anybody?

A. No. Board accepts complaints only against the employees of the CBSE.


Q.3 Does Board have jurisdiction over State Govt. employees?

A. No.


Q.4 Does CBSE entertain anonymous/pseudonymous complaints?

A. No.


Q.5 Does CBSE protect the identity of the complainants?

A. The identity of all complainants who desire so or those who make complaints under “Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer” Resolution is kept secret by the Board. However, it is observed that the complainants tend to send copies of their complaints to various organizations like PMO, President Secretariat, Cabinet Secretariat, Ministries, PSUs etc. In such cases, it is not possible for the Board to accept any responsibility for keeping the identity secret.


Q.6 If a person makes motivated or vexatious complaint does the person complained against have some recourse?

A. In case the Board finds the complaint to be motivated or vexatious, it shall be at liberty to take appropriate steps.


Q.7 Can complaints to CBSE give relief to the complainant?

A. Complaints to the Board are meant to result in punitive action against the erring CBSE employees. Relief as such in the matter to the complainant is only incidental to the vigilance action.


Q.8 Does Vigilance unit of the Board also handle grievances?

A. No, For grievances one should write to Smt Rama Sharma, PRO, CBSE's Grievance Cell,Shiksha Kendra, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi - 110092